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Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my CT110 go faster?

The most cost effective way is by changing the gearing to a larger sprocket on the front, this will give you more top speed but less acceleration. A 16Tooth sprocket is not suitable for mail contract type work.

Change the air intake with an air pod & larger main jet.

Fitting our custom exhaust system will improve performance

Fitting a performance cam shaft – we have 3 available.

No.1 is for instant acceleration at take off (excellent for contract work, gets you off the mark faster)

No.2 is for mid range acceleration (good for riding undulating roads)

No.3 is for top end speed working in the higher rev range

Having a mechanic fit a larger manifold & carbie and with a little work done on the cylinder head

your cylinder to a larger size

All of the above can be done or a combination of any can work successfully. Performance improvement will vary depending entirely on the bike and the work carried out, we recommend you use a qualified person to complete the work. For all work carried out on the top end you need to be absolutely sure the bottom end is in good order.

What do I have to do after fitting a custom exhaust?

No adjustment is necessary to a bike that was running well prior to the fitting. By fitting the exhaust only the performance difference is very noticeable.

How do different front sprockets change the performance of my CT110 and what’s available?

The standard front sprocket on a CT110 is 15T by changing the front sprocket to a 14T the rev range increases giving you more acceleration and less top speed. Changing to a 16T reduces your revs so gives you less acceleration and more top speed.

What will an air pod and main jet change do to my CT110?

The air pod increases air intake and the jet delivers more fuel to balance the extra air flow.

What else do I have to do when I fit and air pod and larger main jet?

There is a chance that adjustments and tuning of the carbie may be necessary. In some cases a carbie kit may need to be fitted.

Is there a clutch adjustment?

There is on the right hand side on the clutch engine cover but is not necessarily a regular requirement with service intervals.

Which is the best tank to fit for long range travel?

I have found the early Honda XR250 tanks the most popular tanks fitted.

Is there a different rear sprocket?

Straight off the counter there is only one suitable rear sprocket (45T) for the CT110. However we are aware that other people have fit different rear sprockets with modifications.

My bike cuts out when it gets hot and won’t start until it cools off, what is the problem?

Often we find that when this occurs the stator is faulty, the stator needs to be tested.

When my CT110 is idling at a stop it runs rough or cuts out, what’s going on?

Usually this indicates the needle set (the needle that fits in the slide) needs to be replaced and the carbie adjusted and tuned. First, try adjusting the needle setting by raising the clip one notch which lowers the needle. If this does not improve the situation generally we find cleaning out the carbie, fitting a new carbie kit then adjusting & tuning fixes the problem.

Why does my head light keep blowing globes?

Firstly ensure your battery is able to maintain full charge & charging at the correct rate, then check to see that the head lamp and the stop/tail light are of the correct type and wattage.

Can my headlight be brighter?

Yes. There now is a brighter head light globe available to be used in the CT110X model (only 1999 onwards)

Can a CT110 maintain a speed of 100 kph?

With modifications 100 kph is attainable but is NOT a recommended speed to maintain.

Am I sacrificing reliability for performance?      

That will depend entirely on the type of modification, the standard of work done, the combination of modifications and how the bike is ridden. The more modifications applied, the greater risk of losing reliability.

What can I do to my postie to make it cruise for an extended period at approx 80 – 85kph?

It is ideal to have a motor in mechanically sound condition with good compression and tuned correctly. Cruise speed can vary from bike to bike

Firstly - gear it up, eg: fitting 16T front sprocket

- fit air pod and larger main jet

- fit a performance cam shaft

- fit a performance type exhaust system.

What kind of oil should I use in my CT110?

We use a mineral based oil 20/50w Motul 3000 (or equivalent). Use only recommended motorcycle oils.

My bike is leaking oil, were do they usually leak from?

The common places of oil leaks are:

- sump plug washer

- cam chain tensioner plug washer

- cam chain tensioner O ring

- clutch adjustment O ring

- gear selector seal

- drive seal

- tappet cover O rings.

When breaking my rear brake locks on and/or it makes a clunking sound, what’s happening & what can I do?

The rear brake assembly needs attention as soon as possible. (Serious safety issue) Inspect the rear brake support arm regularly as the anchor mounting points become loose. The locations of the mounting points are on the swing arm and the rear brake backing plate. Also inspect the brake shoes, return springs and brake drum. All other brake components should be inspected at this time. Replace or repair all worn parts.

What is the normal top speed of a standard Postie bike with standard gearing?

This can vary from bike to bike but approximately 75 – 80 kph.

My postie has been sitting for a while and it won’t start. What do I need to do?

The three main points to remember when running a motor are: Fresh fuel, good compression & good spark, example: drain the carbie and if necessary drain the fuel tank. Sometimes the carbie may corrode so will need dismantling and cleaning thoroughly. Check tappet adjustment. Check spark plug & replace if necessary. (Sometimes the stator can be the reason for weak to no spark).Check air intake at rear chrome rack and muffler for mud wasp nests.

Do I need a charged battery for my postie to run?

No, the battery is really only for the horn, indicators, neutral light & brake lights when ignition is on and the motor not running.

What are the main differences between an Aust Post CT110 and an Ag model CT110?

The Aust Post model is only available new to Aust Post and their contractors or second hand to the public. The Ag model is now available to the public and can be registered.

Ag models have

a high/low range gear box

gearing that cannot be altered

fully enclosed chain guard

no centre stand

front carry rack above the headlight

6 volt system

a smaller hub on the rear wheel

lighter gauge spokes.

Can I leave my air cleaner case on if I fit an air pod?

Yes, the air pod will fit between the carbie and the opening of the air cleaner case.

Do I need to cover my air pod?

It is advisable to refit the frame cover after fitting an air pod as it will cover most of the air pod and protect it from the rain. Further improvements can be made to cover the small portion of the air pod left exposed eg: glue a small piece of mud flap or similar material to the inside of the frame cover.

My bike has been on its side for a short time, I picked it up and it will not start. Why won’t it start?

The probable cause is that fuel has run into the air cleaner causing the bike to be flooded. Turn the fuel tap off, remove the air cleaner element, clean inside the air case if necessary and clean the air cleaner element with kerosene as petrol will eventually destroy the foam. After cleaning the element apply engine oil onto the foam, wring it out and refit. Once the bike is running again turn the fuel tap back on.

My headlight and neutral light flicker or go out and my indicators aren’t working properly, I have replaced my globes but still have the problem.

The possible cause may be in the wiring, where the wires come out from under the frame cover near the steering.

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