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CT110 Racing

2011 New Look for Dorothy

The boys have some CT110 company this year - in a different class but it is great to see there is interest out there in the fastest CT. Good luck Don & Mike for 2011!!

To keep up with the action at the lakes check out the site at you'll find all the competitors, results and latest news at this site.

Dorothy will be in the shop on display shortly after her return from South Australia. Some of the specifications below have now changed so we'll see what we can do to find out what magic Don has used with Dorothy

It's official Dorothy is

Australia's Fastest Postie Bike 2010

Don & Mike kindly presented us with this photo


Proudly owen by

Don Kidd & Mike Riddell

Built for an attempt at a land speed record in their own class on

Lake Gairdner salt lake in South Australia, a yearly event in March

This bike is a modified 2002 model CT110


Crank balanced in 1200rpm

125 modified piston

Bore 117.5cc

Lots of Head work

Titanium and stainless valves

Heavy valve springs

Airflow increased by 37%

Tuned exhaust

Modified electrical system

Racing fuel

No clutch

Bugger all brakes

The boys would like to see Dorothy get to 160 kph (100 mph)

Best recorded run was 120 kph (approximately 75 mph) @ 11000 rpm in third gear

2010 Official Timed Long Track 73.457 mph or 118.22 kph

Sponsored by One Ten

Dorothy is built only for the salt lake NOT Lakeside so feel safe!

More recent photos of Dorothy before her 2010 attempt

 Lakeside is up and running! 

Are you up to the challenge of racing a CT110 Postie bike?

To be eligible your bike can be registered, unregistered, standard or modified.

See all the necessary details on:

or contact Kim on 0405 031 383

or Joe @ One Ten Motorcycles on 07 5495 3944

Here is a sample of Lakeside race bikes.

If you intend to build one talk to us about the requirements for the track.

The latest addition to the race bikes. Yes this is a CT110 with full faring.



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