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CT110 Adventurers

Meet Stephen Clark and David Pearce (Perpetual Posties, 48hrs to Live)

These blokes did 4,613 klms all up and 1,852 of those on posties, cheers boys! You did a great job & thank you for letting us share your trip.

Day 1 Perpetual P
osties set off from Gosford NSW 13th August 2012 and drove to Bourke with Posties on trailer, with support 4WD. Started riding next day all dirt, gravel, gibba and sand and any other loose surface you can think of;

Day 2 Bourke  to Wanaaring  170kms

Day 3 Wanaaring  to Tibooburra then on to Olive Downs Camping ground in Sturt NP 320km

Day 4 Olive Downs to Innamincka via Bore Track 426km

Day 5 Innamincka to Birdsville via Cordilo Downs 413km 

Now the Simpson Desert (East to West route which is the hardest, the dunes are the steepest in this direction, averaging 28-35 meters all the way to Poeppels Corner) 

Day 6 Birdsville to Eyre Creek 70kms, tough day many dunes we had to push the posties up, but the posties just kept on going, even with us running beside them. We rode up the Eastern side of ‘Big Red’, to the amazement of those watching

Day 7 Eyre Creek to Poeppels Corner where NT, QLD and SA meet, then back to Simpson National Park boarder to camp 132kms.

Day 8 Poeppels Corner to Birdsville (West to East, very easy on the posties, averaging 35-40km/hr in the dunes.

Then both posties took the right hand track up ‘Big Red’on the Western Side (45 metres of Sand Dune, and made it right to the top). 

Finally the posties didn’t miss a beat they proved even the harshest terrain is doable on a postie, especially a ‘Perpetual Postie’.

Going Postal

Nathan's book GOING POSTAL is a great read for anyone who is into Posties or loves adventure!

See below for early pictures of Dorothy on her Australian tour before she went overseas.

The growing trend in travel

In the first week of ONE TEN opening the doors for business in 2006 we had a young Japanese man named Taka come in and choose a CT110 for his trip around Australia. We thought he was a bit mad at the time and gave him as much advise and support as we could given the enormity of his task. We kept in touch with him thoughout his trip and sent him whatever he needed to keep him going.


We were immensely gratified to have him come back to us in one piece with the bike (pictured above). We still have that bike in the shop and marvel at his efforts. After selling that bike to Taka we have noticed a growing trend not just for the many Asians visiting the country but also our fellow countrymen coming in to purchase their 'ride' - the mighty CT110 Postie Bike, to see this vast country of ours. Just to let you all know that the pictures below are of Dorothy when taken by Col on his Brisbane to Injune and Brisbane to Birdsville runs of approximately 6,600 klms - this is the same bike that now resides in Nathans shed in England so she was well prepared for the long trip. We knew she could make it.


There are a few terms used by our customers to describe Postie bikes. The ones we seem to hear the most are  -  'bullet proof', 'work horse', 'tough as nails'. The common theme here is obvious and s
ome of our customers have gone a long way to prove how tough their Postie bike is.

These bikes go on the various organised postie challenges run around the country, they get punished every day of the week on postal runs, they're used as commuters, farm bikes (with or without Hi & Low range gearing) and paddock bashers alike - then there are the individuals that customise them and their motors wanting to push them to the limit, but the CT just keeps on going. There are various websites linked to the CT110 Postie Bike and now there is One Ten Motorcycles dedicated to keep them alive & running.












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